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Filipstad Hotel and Terminal

Madla Revheim Masterplan

The Scandinavian 8 Million City

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Blue Moon House

Kristiansund Opera House and Culture House

Rupp Arena

Hammerbakken House

Oslo National Library and Stenersen Museum of Fine Arts

Aker Brygge

Clarion Hotel Trondheim

B Loft

Vision Louisville

Helsinki Library

Zaķusala Island

Post Zero Tower

V House

Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority Headquarters

Drottninghög, Sweden

Slim Twin Office Building

Venice Biennale 2014 – Forms of Freedom

Bar P, Rotterdam

Ny York Cultural District

Blue Moon Europapark


Viking Age Museum

Helsingborg, Sweden

Hasle, Norway


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Architects still want to be architects. And despite the changes in economic structures, geopolitics, sovereignty, urbanization, technological advancement, building information systems, and the radically-liberating exponentially-increasing accessibility of knowledge for everyone on Earth, The Profession has failed to innovate.

We want to discuss another role for the architect. A role not consumed by the fight to ‘the bottom’ (the bid for the lowest, fastest, cheapest). Nor the role of the mind reader, interpreting weak intentions, vague ambitions, and generally unclear premises.

We can imagine a situation where our genuine enthusiasm and naïve optimism is not overrun by the cynicism of building opportunism.

We have a responsibility to society. It is the role we are trying to redefine. Architecture needs a ‘Mars moment’ when someone declares they want to go to Mars, people say he is an idiot, and then he builds a rocket.

And then maybe he’s not such an idiot anymore.


Gary Bates (US)

Architect, Partner

GARY BATES founded SPACEGROUP with Gro Bonesmo in 1999. The office quickly made its mark by winning major international competitions such as the Prostneset Ferry Terminal in Tromsø, the Vestbane National Library, the Filipstad Masterplan, and the Oslo Central Station.

Gary began a collaboration with Rem Koolhaas (OMA) in 1992 on such projects as the Educatorium (NL), Jussieu Library in Paris, Cardiff Bay Opera House, Samsung Headquarters in Seoul, and the Media Valley masterplan in Inchon Korea. Gary was principal in charge of the Asia department. He has been visiting teacher, lecturer, and critic at the University of Texas, the University of Kentucky, AHO, Syracuse University and the Berlage Institute in the Netherlands, amongst others.

Gary is currently involved in SPACEGROUP projects worldwide, from Cote D’Ivoire, Novosibirsk Russia, Louisville USA, New York, and Azerbaijan. He studied architecture at Virginia Polytechnic University & State University.


Gro Bonesmo (NO)

Architect, Partner

GRO BONESMO is co-founder and partner of SPACEGROUP and a professor at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO).

Gro has taught at the Oslo School of Architecture since 1999, and served as a visiting teacher, lecturer, and critic at Harvard University, the Berlage Institute, the Royal Academy of Arts in Copenhagen, KTH Stockholm, Syracuse University, and as a Visiting Professor at Columbia University. She served as the co-curator for the Nordic Pavillion at the 14th Venice Biennale, presenting “Forms of Freedom: African Independence and Nordic Models.” In the period of 1990-98, she collaborated with OMA/Rem Koolhaas, including Design Architect in charge for the Dutch Embassy in Berlin.

She holds a Master of Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University and is a graduate of the Norwegian University of Technology in Trondheim including studies at Sci-Arc and AHO.


Floire Nathanael Daub (FR / NO)

Architect, Partner

FLOIRE NATHANAEL DAUB became a Partner at SPACEGROUP in 2015. Floire has led a number of interdisciplinary project teams in both the public and private sectors within the EU and Scandinavia. Until 2014 he led the project “The Scandinavian 8 Million City,” involving 14 cities from Oslo to Copenhagen. His specialty is creating relationships between transport infrastructure and urban development, which he is currently executing as the project manager for the new Oslo Central Station and Ruten park and masterplan in Sandnes, Norway.

Floire holds a Master of Architecture degree from the Oslo School of Architecture (AHO) with additional studies at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris La Villette.



Aleksandra Chylinska (PL)

Senior Architect

Armelle Breuil (FR)

Junior Architect

Asya Guney (TR)

Junior Architect

Britt Alexandra Johnson (US)


Carl Julius Claussen (NO)


Franco Bløchlinger (CH)

Byggeteknisk koordinator

Javier Elvira López de la Cova (ES)


Marin Kulas (NL)


Montserrat Bernal Pereira (ES)


Naofumi Namba (JP)

Senior Architect

Peder Brand (NO)


Alec Bates (NO)

Space Manager

Ingrid Elise Grigson Eian (NO / GB)

Outer Space Manager


Varsel om oppstart planarbeid Måvik

Popup i Holmestrand 15/8 og 16/8 i Langgaten 47

SPACEGROUP is participant in the Nordic Urban Spaces Exhibition in Berlin 6/7 - 28/9